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  • An ESI ID is a unique premise identifier, which is required for electric companies to obtain your electricity usage history from your local utility. They use your usage history to provide you with a customized price that is specific to your home or business.

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  • The V&H coordinate system is used in many telephone databases to geographic location. Jay K. Donald of AT&T created the V&H coordinate system in 1957 to simplify the calculation of distance between telephone rate centers. The system is based on Donald Elliptic Projection. It is a two-point equidistant projection for the continental United States and Canada. It uses units of the square-root of one- tenth of a mile. The system was designed allow calculations in the field using a slide-rule. To calculate the distances between a point 1 and 2 each with V and H coordinates use this formula: Distance in miles = square_root( ( (V1-V2)**2 + (h4-H2)**2 ) /10 )
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  • The term NPA.NXX refers to the first six digits of a phone number, or prefix, as derived from the North American Number Plan (NANP). The area code is the first three digits and delineates a toll area in the US, Canada, and Mexico. The area code is also referred to as a Number Plan Area or NPA. NXX refers to the exchange which is the three digits following the area code. Together they form a number unique to a specific Central Office (CO). There are 24,000 CO.s in the US and Canada.
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U.S. Customs and Border Protection
  • A US Customs FIRMS code is a four digit alpha-numeric identifier for a container freight station, warehouse deconsolidator, or other US Customs Service bonded facility. The AMS (Automated Manifest System) allows importers and exporters to transmit data directly to US Customs Ports of Entry.
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Services include: Load Forecasting,Natural Gas Strips, and Heat Rates.   Texas Competitive Retail Electric Providers (CREPS): Zurvita,Ignite,,,,Amigo Energy, APNA Energy, Champion Energy, Cirro Energy, Commerce Energy, Direct Energy, Dynowatt, Econnergy Energy Company, First Choice Power, Gexa Energy, Green Mountain Energy, Hudson Energy Services, MXenergy, National Power Company, Nueces Electric Co-op Retail Division, OnPAC Energy, Pegasus Alliance Corporation, Reliant Energy, Spark Energy, StarTex Power, Stream Energy, Texpo Energy, TXU Energy, and YEP.  The Power to Choose,  ESIID, ESI ID, ESIID, ESI-ID Lookup Online,esi number,  ERCOT,   Texas Electric Choice,  Texas Electricity Deregulation.