Frequently Asked Questions

Question Why did you start charging for the data at
Answer We do not charge for data at  We charge for the housing of the data, the high speed delivery of the data, the high availability of the data, and the personnel it takes to make it happen.  We maintain triple redundant servers as well as off-site servers to try to eliminate or minimize any unplanned down time.  All systems (massive amounts of data) are backed up nightly and we have standby generators on-site in case of a power failure.  Now to answer your question.  We started charging a minimal fee (5 cents per row of data) to try to offset our expenses and to stop the abuse that was taking place on our site.  
Question Am I charged for everything I look at on
Answer No. (see the services page)  The many additional features are to aid in your searches and/or help you make more informed decisions.
Question How current is the information at
Answer Our databases are as up to date and as accurate as each respective source makes available.
Question How do I create an account at
Answer Click Sign Up from the top navigation bar.  Enter the new account information.
Question Do I need a PayPal account to pay for services at
Answer No.  After you have signed up, click the Pay Now button on the Pricing page and look for the credit card logos.
Question I created my account and funded my account at, but when I try to login, I am taken to the Pricing page?
Answer The possible reasons for this could be one of two things:  Your browser needs refreshing.  Login again, and if the Pricing page appears, press Ctrl-R (refresh).  This will refresh your browser and allow you to enter the site.
The other reason for this situation could be that you created your account with a different e-mail address than the one you used to fund your account.  If this is the case, contact us and we will apply your monies correctly.
Question I forgot my password.  What do I do?
Answer Click Login from the top navigation bar.  Select "Forgot My Password" from the bottom right of the login box.  Enter your e-mail address and your account information will be sent to the email address that was used during the sign up process.
Question How do I know how many credits I have remaining?
Answer At the top of any page you are on (after you have logged in), you will see "Available Rows".  This indicates the number of remaining credits.  Or, you can select My Account from the top navigation bar.  Select "Usage History".
Question Even with the correct addess, the ESI number will not come up.  Why is that?
Answer Good Question!  Several reasons.  (1) The Texas wire companies databases (and probably other states) do not always match the U.S. Postal Service database.  The reason for this, (I've always been told) is that the TDSP's information is about locating the millions of meters they service since pre-deregulation.  (2) It's a new premise and the databases have not yet been updated.  (3) The TDSP shows it in another zip code.  (4) This address is in a non deregulated area.  (5) This address is in a Muni-Coop (Municipal Utility District).  (6) Oops! The TDSP never put this address in the database (human error).  (7) Probably a bunch more I've not seen yet.
Question I am trying to change my electric service to another company, but the new provider says that my ESI ID is classified as "commercial" as opposed to "Residential".  Because of the "Commercial" premise type, I am unable to switch providers.  I have lived in this house for seventeen years and I do not run a business.  What do I do?
Answer Call your wires company (TXU,TNMP,Centerpoint,AEP,etc...) and tell them that your premise type has been misclassified and you would like it changed.  That should do it.
Question How do I narrow my searches so as to retrieve less data?
Answer ESI ID Example:  If the address you are looking for is 2109 Harper Dr, and the zip code is 77502, enter Address Like: 2109 Harper   Zip Code: 77502
If you enter something like Address Like: Harper   Zip Code: 77502, you will pull back forty-five rows of data instead of one row.
To be continued.........

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